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“A Beggar Can’t Give A Giver”-Sheilah Gashumba Bashes MC Kats Over ‘Borrowed’ Money

The verbal war that has been happening between Sheilah Gashumba and Laparonis Restaurant and Bar has for some reason now shifted to TV presenters Sheilah Gashumba and MC Kats.

It all started when Kats gave his opinion about the whole beef between Shielah and Laparoni’s management. Kats’ statements rubbed Sheilah the wrong way forcing her to retaliate by exposing Kats that he begged her for Ug Shs 200,000 to buy drinks at the same hangout, Laparoni’s

She further said that before putting out his opinion, Kats would have first heard her side of the story before taking it to social media and on television

When the ‘NBS After 5’ show co-host heard this, he decided to post a photo of Ug Shs 50,000 notes amount to Shs 250,000 and promised to pay back Sheilah.

“Madam have put 50k interest nali simanyi mbu when you buy someone a drink ie a bottle oba okozze chinene nyooo,” Read the caption to Kats’ post

Stubborn Gashumba also replied Kats with a rather denting post on Twitter which insinuates that Kats is a beggar.

“A beggar can’t give a giver! I didn’t say I want the money back!! I said you should have at least called me to ask for my side of the story than talking about one side of the story!! You know I don’t need that money but you need it!!” reads Sheilah’s post.

We are not sure where this whole bickering will end but we are surely enjoying every bit of it.

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