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“A Kingdom With Many Queens Will Fall”-Zari Warns Men After Dumping Diamond

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As we talk now, Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and Tanzanian Bongo Flavour sweetheart Diamond Platnumz are no more following a public announcement Zari made using her different social media platforms on Wednesday the 14th of February (on Valentine’s Day). Zari decided to call it quits with the ‘Number One’ singer with whom they have two children a girl Tiffah Dangote and a boy Nillan but she however disclosed how besides their separation, the two will raise their children.

We have not heard from Diamond who has since then remained silent despite the fact that their break up news is all over social, radio and a TV stations. Zari who ended their relationship sighting Diamond’s cheating habit has not only stopped at that as from Wednesday, she has been sharing things on social media which are directly hitting hard at Diamond.

A while ago, Zari who has moved on if her social media posts is anything we should go by, shared a message advising men who go for every kind of woman they desire.   

“Dear men, when you look at various women, there is always something that you can admire until you wish to sleep with her, something different from your wife’s. May be it is boobs especially if she is yet to breast feed, maybe it is hips, maybe it is her lips , maybe it is her complexion, maybe it is her voice etc.If you think you can keep going for every woman you desire; you will never have enough because every woman has something desirable. It is like going into a hotel with all types of foods and you decide you want to eat all foods, you will just end up sick. No one gets enough of wine if you think you can mix all wines, the best way to enjoy wine is to drink just one type that you really love and enjoy it forever.” She wrote

The self proclaimed Boss Lady and mother of five advised men to be faithful and also condemned the habit of loving lots of women which amounts to nothing.

“Staying faithful has little to do with your woman, it has everything to do with you as a man. It is upon you to make a decision to stay faithful for the sake of the woman you love. It is up to you to treat one woman like a queen. A kingdom with more than one queen is divided and soon it will fall. Loving a million women amounts to nothing but loving one woman in a million ways makes you great. There is a lot of happiness in faithfulness. It is so fulfilling to love one woman above all women. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and a man who keeps wandering from one woman into another never finds true happiness in life.” Zari concluded 

Talking about faithfulness, Is Zari the right person to advise men to be and remain faithful to their wives when her herself has not been faithful in the relationships she has been into before Diamond? We shall leave this hear but to all the men, we believe you have borrowed a leaf in Zari’s message.


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