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A Look At Abaasa’s Amazing Music Career

Abaasa is a drummer, producer and also an artiste who with his unique style and prowess has managed to win over the hearts of many. His stature in the Ugandan entertainment industry has slowly risen and it’s just a matter of time before he takes Africa by storm.

According Lillian Mbabazi,

Abaasa is a very shy guy and when he started out with me, I saw he liked singing, but I didn’t think he was going to take it seriously.’ Am so excited and so happy for him, am like a proud mum.’

She further goes on to say that Abaasa is an amazing drummer and an amazing singer and she prays that the world will embrace him.

More artistes like young Rapper Benezeri were also full of praise for Abaasa. He said Abaasa is so exposed and brings a different touch which is different from what everybody else is doing.

‘He has an amazing voice and also an amazing performer too. He sings from the heart, you can feel it, when you see him on stage, you can see he is enjoying himself. He is going to be one of the biggest musicians in Uganda in the next few months.’

Abaasa recently launched his Rukungiri mixtape at the Sound Cup and he was literally blown away by the amazing support and love from the fans. Showing his humble side the artiste couldn’t help but the fans.

Abaasa signs autographs for his fans

Abaasa signs autographs for his fans

‘Am so humbled and amazed at everyone who has received this music, in a way that I never expected at all. It was crazy so I thank everyone.’

Have a look at his mixtape launch video below.

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