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A Look At D-King’s Career As He Celebrates His Birthday Today

D-King is one of the producers who has helped put Ugandan music on the map. He’s also the man who is behind most of Exodus’ songs. As the producer celebrates his birthday today we take a close look at his career.

His inspiration is mostly driven by his love for music and he has gone on to produce some events like the Igwe concert of Exodus at the Kampala Serena Hotel, Namalayo concert by Mun G and also collaborated with Micheal Ouma to direct Juliana’s Serena concert among others.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8 last year the producer mentioned some of the songs he has worked on,

‘I have worked on all the songs by Naava Grey. I did the Gyobera and Olindaba for Irene Ntale. I worked on all of Daisy Ejang’s music including Mia Teko, Yaw De and the rest. I also worked with Levixone for his Jungle hit. I work on Exodus’ songs. Eh….. They’re so many. I did Sitaki, Deep In Love both by Rema.’

D-King with Exodus (in red) and friends in studio

D-King with Exodus (in red) and friends in studio

The producer also revealed where he sees himself in five years,

‘Of course I would say…. far! Uhmmm…. Far. Maybe, inspired a couple of guys to do great production. I want to have a couple of international hits. Not only in Africa. Africa is not my aim. Of course I have to go continental and then international but yes, that is what I am looking at.’

For those who look up to the birthday boy, he said,

They shouldn’t be me. They should learn. Learning doesn’t stop. Experiment new things with instruments. New samples. Do music when you like it. Don’t do music to make money or as only a job. Of course you have to be paid for your services as a producer. You have to pay your bills. Do you music because you are inspired to do it. We are not really here to compete and if someone thinks it is a competition they’re misguided.’

With that said, we at Chano8 wish D-King a happy birthday.

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