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A Look At Ruyonga As The Glory Experience Draws Closer

With the glory fire craze taking over Kampala, here is what you need to know about Ruyonga.

He is an award winning Ugandan hip hop music and spoken word artist whose former moniker “Krukid” was fondly given to him in high school after a basketball accident left his face temporarily disfigured. He was one of the pioneering hip hop acts back in Uganda, he has three albums to his name selling on iTunes and other platforms.

Last year he was the only artist to feature on both the secular cypher and the Christian Hip Hop all-star The Real God, which was engineered by WeMix Entertainment and produced by WordXclusive of the Fame Records.

That meant, he was and still is having the best of both worlds as some would say. We got to talk to him about his career, vision for 2015 and got to probing him about some questions that we warned him were quite tricky but needed to be answered.

Ruyonga formerly known as Krukid who first made an appearance in the Gospel Music scene with his S.O.S (Songs Of Success) album has become one of those artists whose music reaches both to the Gospel music fans as well as the secular music fans. Recently in an interview with Chano8 he said,

“Most people’s problem with me is that they cannot categorize me.” He cannot be put in a box. “I am one of those people who God has blessed with a unique gift. I don’t think the world can claim to own my success. They are not responsible. First of all, they knew that if they put me with any of their best, either I beat them or we come out on the same level.” Ruyonga said this in response to our question of whether he has succeeded because the secular side looks at him as their prodigal child who may go back home to doing secular music.

After that S.O.S album he announced his arrival in a song in which he features Don MC on the chorus. Tutuuse was the song that got him the most airplay because it managed to speak to everyone. With that Ruyonga ceased to be the Ugandan artist who had spent a bit of his life abroad. He became our own and was singing something we could all relate to. In 2013 he successfully released his Victory Music album at a concert that was one of the most successful that year.

“In 2013,” he says, “I did a lot of things. In 2014 I did a lot but could not operate the same way I did in the previous year. Last year I was growing and I feel I need to continue growing. 2014 I became a better man and managed to let out many songs and collaborations.”

This he said when we told him that we thought 2013 was a better year for him than 2014. This is not to say he did not have a great 2014. Muhulire, Crossfire with Zimbabwean rapper Courtney Antipas (formerly known as Ill Ceey), Ride featuring Richy, Proud to Be Ug where he features on a Kimera song, together with Benezeri, Mun G, Levixone and Kenganzi.

During our chat we came to what he thinks are the five most important things for making it big in the industry, he says. “Number one, PRAY. Two FAST. Three, PRACTICE. Four, PRACTICE. And finally, PERFORM.” He highlights prayer, fasting and makes a mention of practice twice on the top five things to do.

About whether he is a Christian Rapper or rapper that’s Christian. “I am a believer that Jesus is the son of God and that’s what I believe. Whatever that makes me. I am that. I can put it like this, I may stop rapping tomorrow.

What will that mean? What will that change about the statement? I sometimes don’t understand what they want.” He says those attempting to categorize him should ask God what he is. He says he is one of a kind.

Ruyonga all set for the Glory Fire experience.

Ruyonga all set for the Glory Fire experience.

Ruyonga is not about to go slow on his music career and as much as he hints of doing a few other things in his lifetime. The greatest challenge for him is being the man he is. Fame he says, can make ladies throw themselves at you and make your head swell, but he keeps himself focused on God. And as a family man he feels happy when he gets himself active
and working on things.

With that said you can’t afford to miss the Glory Fire Experience which is slated for which is slated for August 6th at Imperial Royale and August 8, at MUK Main field will also have other artistes like Levixone, Annet Nadujja, Sam Kimera, Maurice Kirya, Pr. Bugembe and Myko Ouma.

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