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A Look At Stella Atal’s Fashion Career

Stella Atal is an Award-winning fashion designer who comes from a family with an artistic background. Her mother is an art teacher and she therefore, developed a passion for art and fashion at an early age where she engaged mostly in painting throughout her youth while at school.

Professionally, she prefers to call herself a painter after studying Fine Art at the University and is a fashion designer by choice. She started working on fashion designs as a hobby at an early age where she designed clothes for her friends who later encouraged her to take up fashion seriously. They were her first clients.

Stella Atal's amazing fashion career

Stella Atal’s amazing fashion career

She draws her inspiration mostly from the fabrics she uses. They are mostly African fabrics from West and Central Africa as well as Europe. She started with mainly Afro-centric designs although she is slowly moving to other fabrics from other cultural regions. She prefers colourful prints and also does a lot of painting on them before coming up with the final design.

She uses a variety of fabrics ranging from silk, ordain, cotton to chiffon, waxes and lots more depending on the choice of clients and design she wants to create. She usually buys them abroad when she travels.

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