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A Look At The Mith Favorite Gadgets.. You Won’t Believe What Made His List

Have you ever wondered what The Mith‘s favorite gadgets are, well wonder no more, in our latest edition of celebrity gadgets, we bring you some of his favorite gadgets and those on his wish list.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8 the rapper had the following to say when asked different questions.

Sadly, I don’t play any instruments. I am not patient enough. But the instrument that fascinates me the most has to be the violin. It has the ability to bring emotions out of people. I wish I had the time to learn to play it.

The Mith is fascinated by the Violin

The Mith is fascinated by the Violin

Phones used
Well, I am using my old school Nokia E63. I missed using it, and I just found its charger. JOY (laughs out loud). I change phones when I want to really. I am not like half of these people who lose their pay on the latest trends.

Samsung, HTC or Apple?
I am not really a brand dude, but Samsung is, to me, easier to use.

Dream Car
My dream car has to be the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG G-Wagon. It’d have to be kitted to my personal taste too.

Tailored to his liking

Tailored to his liking

Vintage Cars
Oh, it’d have to be the 1963 Ford Falcon Futura. I remember as a kid, my dad had 1, an army green 1, and I always felt like I was in some kind of spaceship. So it’d definitely have to be that. Same color also, with all black leather seats. No tint on the windows, everyone has to see me in it.

Old School Gadget
I collect music CDs. I have a ridiculously large collection. So that old school gadget that is reliable is my old school Sony discman.

He has a lot of music CD's stacked up.

He has a lot of music CD’s stacked up.

Can’t Live House Without
The siimu (phone). The iPod. Power bank. Laptop. That’s it really. The rest I can live without.

Brand or performance
Shoes: Not a brand guy, at all. But with all the NIKE I have people might not believe me. Favorite pair have to be my Timberland boots though. Those things are durable.

Comfort is all that matters to The Mith

Comfort is all that matters to The Mith

PS or Phone Games
Oh yes. Fight Night. Street Fighter. FIFA and NBA are some of my favorite games.

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