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A Look At Ziza Bafana’s Fresh ‘Agende’ Music Video

The wait had been long and the fans were probably tired of only listening to ‘Agende’ song’s audio without a proper shot video. The ‘Agende’ hit singer Ziza Bafana took a good time to released the video and believe us, it is a good one.

Ziza Bafana3

The ‘Agende’ and ‘Guluma Nasomye’ hits maker and Magic Empire Crew boss Ziza Bafana

The song whose video was shot in South Africa and Uganda by Grate Make Films and a South African video shooting company that was not disclosed, we see Bafana waking up in the morning with two ladies, he then sits at the veranda where he is served breakfast by a sexy girl wearing a purple bikini.

‘Agende’ is a ragga song that was produced by producer Wani of Power records and is has been having lots of airplay. “my fans have been asking me about the song’s video because the audio was hitting allot, people had made other various videos so I decided to release the video officially at Laftaz Longue. Am releasing its dirty version next week”. Ziza Bafana told Chano8 when we called him for a comment.


Ziza Bafana

In other scenes, we see some girls dancing the traditional Kiganda dance (Amaganda) which is a cultural dance commonly danced by Baganda (tribe). Ziza is also seen holding and posing with some bundles of money.

Now that the video is out, we expect no excuse from the fans that couldn’t wait for its release. It’s already on line and doing good on YouTube with an increasing number of views (last check at 12:36 o’clock, it had 547 views and 6 likes in two days)


Have you watched ‘Agende’ music video?

Agende which simply means ‘Let him/her leave’, Bafana tells his fans not to force themselves on people who don’t love or care about them.

He goes ahead to sing saying ‘Atakumakumatila Muleke Akogge’ literally meaning ‘Let the one who doesn’t like or love you grow thin’. It is a nice video and probably one of the best Baffana had released this year.

You can watch Ziza Bafana’s ‘Agende Video’ below




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