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A Night With DJs Slick Stuart & Roja

The DJ duo Slick Stuart and Roja might just be the hottest thing around town when we talk about Djs. These guys are on every event around town and it might not be a surprise when you see either of them buying a Hummer. Chano8 dedicated one night to profiling these two recently on a busy Saturday all through till Sunday.

Dj Slick Stuart Club X5

Slick Stuart had been doing Saturday TV shows all day long and his first gig of the night was the launch of Gold Label Cosmetics in Uganda that took place at Sheraton Hotel Rooftop. It was an invite only corporate event organised by Tee events in conjunction with Gold Label Cosmetics USA. Slick Stuart played a mix of several genres at a low tone suited to the atmosphere. He then proceeded to Club X5 in Entebbe after the event that ended at 11:30pm.

Dj Roja Club X5

Nutty Neithan was to premiere his Walk to Work video at the Entebbe based Club X5. Dj Slick Stuart slept through the journey since he was tired frm all the day’s work. We arrived at the club at 11:00pm and found Dj Roja already on the turntables. Nutty Neithan arrived shortly after and Dj Roja spun the Entebbe revellers wild with excitement for one solid hour as Slick Stuart warmed up. Nutty Neithan performed at 2:30am and as expected, the dancehall star put on an impressive show with his tremendous stage energy. Slick Stuart then took to the wheels of stell after the video premiere as Dj Roja headed back to Laftaz Comedy Lounge for the last gig of the night. Dj Slick Stuart played for 45 minutes and we set off to Laftaz too.

Nutty Neithan Slick Stuart Club X5

Arriving at Laftaz, the crowd was huge as usual and already in high spirits. It was Bob Marley’s birthday and Dj Roja could be seen in the Djs box playing dancehall and RnB music both local and international with a simple blend of Bob Marley Reggae tunes. Mc Dagy Nyc was the MC of the night and the two Djs did their audience till dawn.

Dj Roja Club X5 (2)

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