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A Pass Causes Social Media Uproar After Wearing Boxers In Public

When it comes to choice of clothes, controversial Dancehall singer A Pass is not one people dictate for. He claims he does not take any fashion style from anyone, which gives him more audacity to wear what he wants, when he wants and how he wants

With the all the ‘I don’t care attitude’, the ‘Wuuyo’ hit singer donned what very many people called a boxer, especially social media users and the revellers who turned up for The Royal Ascot Goat Races 2019 edition which took place at Speak Resort Munyonyo last Saturday the 12th of October which also attended

A Pass had managed to pull off a cool look with a nice pair of black sneakers and a hoodie but the boxers with horizontal green and white lines, killed the whole vibe.

Basing on the fact that A Pass is good at showbiz and publicity stunts, we are comfortable to say that this was one of the stunts.

It however didn’t stop social media users from sharing their opinions about his dress code which many found so awkward

@IamApass where did you buy those shorts from?” One Twitter user asked A Pass and his reply was Because I chop life the A Pass way”

“They’re for gals… Buno bwebambala nga bagenda kwebaka… Naddala nga bagenda mu sex ekiro” another twitter user said, loosely translated as ‘these are the shorts girls wear when they are going to sleep especially when they are to have sex in the night’

Here are more comments from social media users over A Pass choice to wear a boxer on a public gathering.

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