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A Pass Gets A New Look, Dyes Hair Blonde

When you hear of songs like ‘Tulikubigere’, ‘Wuuyo’ and his latest named ‘Bakwagala Olina’,the name A Pass flashes in your face. When it’s even the first time you hear of him singing, you might think it is a Jamaican because of his style and mastering the Jamaican language commonly known as Patois (Patwa). To those who have gone ahead to watch his videos or see him live, you ought to have seen him with a lot of dark and thick hair on his head.

Dreadlocks or thick and rough hair is a common hair style to musicians who sing Reggae, Ragga and Dance-Hall. It is no wonder that dance-hall star A Pass also followed suit. He recently posted a picture of himself on his face book page spotting a new look with blonde tinted hair.

Apass new look

A Pass with new look over the weekend

Apparently, A Pass is one of the most sought after and popular artistes in Uganda through his constant release of hit songs which have made him a big name with a big growing fan base. However, this success has come also come up with some negative publicity from a section of the media that claims he is Illuminati something that the ‘Wuuyo’ hit maker quashed.

We hope this new hair style will even propel him further in the game as he continues to release more hit songs that will see his career prosper the more.

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