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A Pass On His Expectations For 2015

Ugandan dancehall star A Pass who is shooting for greatness recently opened up about his expectations for 2015.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8 the reggae star said,

‘I have a lot to do this year, but mainly am working on my album with 50 tracks. I work every day to do that. I am working around the clock. The other thing is, I already have over seven hundred songs I cant afford to release 12-track albums or others won’t see the day of light. My ranking now nationally is number 1 and globally in the top 100. I am releasing A Pass merchandise in form of T-shirts. I am also getting into motivational speaking. I want to visit schools and motivate students about success and not giving up on their dreams.’

The singer is currently in the studio working on a collaboration with Irene Ntale also talked about the life in the spotlight.

A Pass striving for greatness

A Pass striving for greatness

‘First of all I have no groupies, secondly, I don’t go out much. Every little time I get, I am still either recording or writing music. I do have a private life of sorts that I like to keep out of the limelight. Yes, when am on the street and on bodas people shout out to me and am grateful about all the love. Am not a show off I prefer my music to speak for me and its success.’

You can read more about A Pass amazing musical journey in the current Chano8 issue here.

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