A Pass Orders Local Music Streaming Websites That Don’t Pay Artistes To Put Down His Music

Whereas most international music streaming companies pay the artistes whose songs they have uploaded on their websites in form of royalties, in Uganda, only a few do pay and some artistes feel cheated.

Efforts by some local artistes to have their music on the websites which don’t pay, put down have through the years been futile but Reggae and Dancehall singer  A Pass isn’t one who is just going to sit and watch these companies make money from his music yet he is not benefiting at all.

The “Wuuyo” hit singer through his official Twitter account ordered all owners of Ugandan music-streaming websites that don’t take it upon themselves to compensate artistes, to remove all his music.

All Ugandan websites that upload Ugandan music and don’t pay money to the artists please remove all my music on your platform when you see this tweet.” Read A Pass’ tweet

A Pass is mad at Ugandan music streaming platforms, and wants the owners to put down all his music

As if that wasn’t enough, A Pass after realizing that some websites didn’t take his warning seriously, added in yet another Tweet where re-echoed his message.

 “Some of these websites still have my music uploaded, I guess they think that this is one of my Jokes but now is not the time. I ask you kindly to remove my music off your websites”- Read A Pass tweet

Going by the comments on his tweet, many Twitter users are in agreement with him like a one Erie J who said “They should pay u out bro or any other artist . Coz they benefit twice from artists songs and again from people like us out here who download their websites. So this thing shld be balanced”  

Meanwhile, in the same spirit just like A Pass – real name Alexander Bagonza, rapper GNL Zamba had this to say in response to A Pass’ tweet;

“When I came back to Uganda and did this before the spear album release most people called me mad and the media houses linked to these websites stopped playing my music and also refused to nominate my works for their awards. Their loss !!! Because real money in a bank account is better than a sprayed wooden statue !!! Glad my brother is also woke to this exploitation”

By the time we went to press, some of the local music websites still had A Pass’ music like,, and Sauteez but we are keeping tabs on any new developements.




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