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A Pass Promises Not To Chase After Girls

Having released his gospel song Tutuuka Di recently, dancehall artist A Pass has come out and revealed that his main objective is to spend his entire 20s on hard work, because everyday is a big deal to him.

‘I made a promise to me that I am spending my entire 20s on the hustle/Hard work. No weekends. No parties. No chasing girls. Everyday is a big deal to me,‘ he said.

The young artiste has often seen himself as a teacher and says the current education system is not good for youth as it doesn’t guarantee you a job after graduation.

A Pass promises not to chase after girls or even party

A Pass promises not to chase after girls or even party

The truth is, real success takes hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you relaxing/ chilling is going to make you money,’ A pass added, ‘Work hard. Stop wasting time doing things that don’t bring you wealth.

‘The other thing stop buying junk! Be known for your work ethic and not the things you buy to please other people’s eyes. Spend on things that bring you value or Cash.’

A Pass who saw his career skyrocket last year after releasing his hit song Wuuyo and signing a massive endorsement deal with Airtel, also said that it’s important to add strategy to your work,

‘Most importantly add a strategy to your hard work and see the difference.’

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