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A Pass Quashes Illuminati Allegations

When one is succeeding haters often come out to say that they are illuminati not willing to accept the fact that someone’s hard work has paid off or is paying off. Several people recently made allegations that A Pass sold his soul to the devil, which explains his skyrocketing career.

However, the memories star quashed the allegations by saying,

“‪#‎illuminati‬” Do you even know the meaning !!!! Do your research and come up with analysis” But if you just wake up and say A Pass sold his soul to the Devil, You may as well tell me when the devil got a bank account and which bank represents him?, A Pass wondered.

A Pass refutes Illuminati allegations

A Pass refutes Illuminati allegations

And if that wasn’t enough, the singer further went on to ask why do you have to use evil to justify someone’s success?

‘I would like to know everyone’s opinion on the illuminati in the music business and even in church’ he concluded.

A Pass has been more of a motivation to his peers and he has done so through several ways like sharing his views on social media. Recently he said,

I think the world has made us think that we should be mad at small things!!! when there are serious things we should be mad at and trying to eradicate such as poverty ,injusticegreedwar. These are serious matters, but most of us seem not concerned, you just want to eat food and sleep…. When I hear a brother “who has died fighting in a war” that hurts me because this person is fighting to keep a child alive, a mother alive and this is to help the future.

Alexander Bagonza real names is indeed destined for greatness.

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