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A Pass Releases An Amazing Gospel Song

There few songs that one listens that get leave a mark on them. It’s easy to listen to a song and just forget about a few minutes later. When A Pass who has undoubtedly started off the year with amazing energy, released his tutuuka di song today, it was easy to tell that the song would have a great impact on the people. From the vocals to the message to the beat everything just blended well it’s like he had been planning it for
quite some time.

A Pass revealed to Chano8 that the motivation behind the song is basically reflection,

‘It’s just something I wrote down, something I sang because I felt that way, like we shall reach there one day,’ he added, ‘there is a stage in my life where I didn’t have food, I didn’t have a lot of things but it came pass and I got the food and the money. So it’s about reflecting on my life and seeing how things are today.’

Listen to the song below.

The tulikubigere singer earlier this year revealed that he will be releasing the best album ‘Nva Kampala’ which is expected to sweep the Ugandan airwaves by storm.

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