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A Pass Spits Fire, Blasts Government Over Social Media Tax

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It no longer makes no news that the social media tax was finally implemented following government’s order to all telecom companies to begin charging their clients for accessing the Over The Top (OTT) services like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Viber, IMO, Skype to mention but a few at a cost of Ug Shs 200 payable via mobile money and electronic verification code (EVC)

What is trending about this whole social media tax is how it has not amused majority of the Ugandans as they are trying out different means of evading the tax through downloading and connecting to various virtual private networks

Yesterday, some local artistes, politicians, bloggers and youth held a press conference at Hotel Africana and the aim was to ask the government to address this issue by 6th of July.

While speaking at this presser, Dancehall artiste A Pass real name Alexander Bagonza who expressed his annoyance and dissatisfaction over this tax which the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) defended.

“A Ugandan buys data using his hard earned money so he cannot again pay for the things he does on his/her phone. We cannot pay for the things we use on our phones because those things are none of the government’s business. Our request is, those people who passed this tax should come back to their senses because they are old people. You are old people I repeat” A Pass said

A Pass further went ahead to assure the government saying that it does not have any authority over the OTT services because it doesn’t own them

“It not you who made these applications, you have never upgraded them and neither did download them for us because we use our own data to get them. How much are you going to pay the application owners? Do you pay Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?” A Pass added

In his final remarks, A Pass told off the government for being greedy

“We have been buying data all along which gets consumed and we buy more and more again and that is tax. If we have been doing so and you guys have been earning a lot of money then what do want this tax for? That is greed”

Watch A Pass blast government in the video below

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