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A Pass The Man Behind The Musician

A Pass who has undoubtedly taken the music industry by storm does several other things, if he’s not creating music like playing FIFA or supporting his businesses.

In the current Chano8 issue the singer, said

I love games. I love to play FIFA 15, love soccer. I talk a lot and jam a lot with my girlfriend, am a very religious person I make time to pass the church. I am very close to my family, around my friends an organized, calm and playful at times. I love food too, really love good food. I watch a lot of movies, but mainly documentaries.’

A Pass' love for music has brought him this far.

A Pass’ love for music has brought him this far.

He further went on to talk about his other businesses,

‘We are merchandising now we are doing T-shirts like Tetubatya, Twokya, Tuli kubigere which is done already. We are also going to make ‘Nva Kampala’ T-shirts. A number of companies are coming up and offering to partner with us on this which is great. My job, well is to get people to wear them.’

A Pass recently released trouble maker with Ekky which is receiving massive airplay on several radio stations and TV channels.

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