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A Pass To Release The Magnificent ‘Twazikoze’ Video Soon

A Pass who has redefined the Ugandan music industry with his unique style is currently working on his amazing twazikoze video.

The artiste told Chano8 that the song is a dancehall song which means we have made money now lets party. He also goes on to say that it’s a happy time, so let people party.

‘It’s a jam where people have to party and its a T song as well, which makes it three T’s because we have Tetubatya, Tuli Kubigere and now Twazikoze.’

Alexander Bagonza (real names) shared a behind the scenes picture of his twazikoze video shoot, which we were more than obliged to share. The video will be released any time soon.

Behind the scenes: A pass' Twazikoze video shoot

Behind the scenes: A pass’ Twazikoze video shoot

His journey has been exciting, tough and a lot of work. He is always in the studio and tries not to get comfortable and because he can never have enough songs. ‘I am always constantly thinking of what the fans what,’ he said in the chano8 April issue.

The journey has been driven by the hunger to please his fans through songs.

Most of my work was done in 2013 and the fans love it now, am humbled my fans receive me with open arms. My work schedule hasn’t changed much, it is pretty much the same. I prioritize, I make sure am there for meetings and in the studio when I should. Now I add stuff like video shoots till late, photo shoots and at performances which I am getting the hang of. At the end of the day it all revolves around music and there isn’t enough time in a day.’

In the mean time you can listen to Twazikoze below.

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