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A Pass Torn Between Flavia and Fabiola

Local musician A Pass has asked his fans worldwide to choose whether he should date NTV and capital FM presenter Flavia Tumusiime or capital fm presenter Anita Fabiola.

The singer has on several occasions expressed his love for the two girls though  he has never approached them formally for love. He dedicated his “Don’t You Want Me” song to Flavia, while “Give Me A Kiss” went to Fabiola, sending social media into a frenzy.

In his latest today,A pass claims he is interested in dating the two girls because they are all beautiful. he threw the job to his fans, admitting that he was too dazzled to make a choice on his own.

Flavia and Fabiola

“Choose for me a wife because I am personally confused on whom I should date. I ask my fans to choose between Fabiola and Flavia and tell me reasons why,” he wrote.

Moses Nsubu, one of his fans on Facebook wrote.

“But A pass, never let someone choose you a wife. Take one u feel your heart desires most and make sure that when you make a choice, never look back to the second choice. So brother go for your heart not for opinion poll becoz none of us knows who is who. We only see their beauty on social media. If  you have got a chance to interact with them make the judgement yourself,” he advised.

Nassali Flavia wrote” I think the answer is deep inside, you  don’t need our decisions and when ur ready to settle down, u will know who is good for u.”

The debate has once again put A Pass into controversy, leaving social media awash with different reactions. Neither Flavia or Fabiola has come out to make a comment to this post.



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