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A Pass Trolled On Social Media After His ‘Crush’ Flavia Introduces Fiancé

Two years ago, through a Facebook post, Dancehall singer A Pass confessed how he was ‘in love’ with NTV and Capital FM’s presenter Flavia Tumusiime.

I love you Tumusiime Flavia I have loved you from day 1. I am sorry I had to say it here but it’s the only way I could do it to get your attention” are the words A Pass Wrote and whether it was a publicity stunt or not, the artiste had made his point clear.

Social media users trolled him in all kind of ways with majority saying that he was ‘showing feelings’ to a wrong person. That however came to pass especially after Flavia’s silence about A Pass’ confession

On Saturday the 17th of November, Flavia officially introduced her fiancé Andrew Kabuura to her parents at a strictly family and invite only ceremony and since then, social media users have been trolling the ‘Didadada’ singer in what seemed like an action of getting him to comment.

It is for that matter therefore that A Pass had to come out and say something about Flavia’s introduction ceremony.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Congratulations”  A Pass heartbrokenly wrote on his Facebook page as a caption to Flavia and Kabuura’s photo of them at their introduction ceremony which prompted fans to troll him

One Facebook user identified as  Charlie Lwanga UG commented on A Pass’ post and saying “Apass this girl was way too mature for you… Just thank God coz Wali tolina magezi gabeela BA wa Flavia” loosely translated as ‘You weren’t clever enough to be Flavia’s husband’

Here are more comments from Facebook users directed to A Pass over Flavia’s introduction ceremony


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