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A Pass’ Warning To His Haters

The festive season is supposed to be a time of happiness and love but it looks like somebody got on the wrong side of dancehall artist A Pass.

A Pass warns his fans

A Pass warns his fans/haters

A few hours ago the Wuuyo artist went on to warn his fans or haters never to diss him and then released diss lyrics,

90 doctors can’t patch up your face
When you get in an A Pass lyrical race
My lyrics take your mind in space
You have an old brain listen again and reverse
I bring darkness, like Umeme never got pay
Run off your mouth but do go a stray
I meet you where you stay and make your brain fly away
Lyrically you are weak, repeat after the holiday
‪#‎You‬ are not bad, you are living in dreamland
You say you are a player but in which band
You are only bad in your dreams like Freddy
Lyrically am Daddy and you are the Baby
“Don’t try to be brave go hide in a cave”
(I carry lyrics I don’t carry news)
This is not even in a song please steal my lyrics

We yet to find out whether he was really hitting on someone or he was just being his usual playful self. But, whatever it is we shall definitely keep you updated.

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