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Abryanz Throws Jibes At Kabs Over ‘Flopped’ Uganda Entertainment Awards

After what transpired last Saturday evening where the Uganda Entertainment Awards 3rd edition passed as the worst event of the year through most people’s eyes, Abryanz Style and Fashion awards proprietor Ahumuza Brian threw jibes at Kabs Aloha who is the CEO of the Uganda Entertainment Awards.

Brian, having successfully organized the ASFA’s for over three years first posted on his social media platforms that “Dear fellow Ugandans, I’m kindly requesting you to please remain calm. Obusungu ndaba bungi nyo nyoo translated as (I can see people so pissed) …But I got you come 8th Dec it’s gonna be the fashion takeover.” Implying that since the UEA’s failed to live up to the billing, his fashion awards will bail people out.

Empty seats at The Uganda Entertainment Awards over the weekend

It is even said that the two have not been seeing eye to eye with Kabs at some point saying that his shows have been flopping and not being successful because Brian is bewitching him.

The Uganda Entertainment awards have been branded the worst awards show in Uganda after winners walked away without accolades, hosts and subscribers pulling out at the last minute thus the show didn’t live up to it is expectation.  



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