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Actors Mathew And Eleanor Nabwiso Now  Reaping From New Productions

Mathew Nabwiso and Eleanor Nabwiso are one of Uganda’s most talented couples behind some of the best movies on the market.

Because of their experience, exposure and love for what they do, they decided to do their own promotions and ‘Rain’ was the first they did a couple of years ago but only got to our theatres a few months ago.

It is a really promising movie and interesting to watch because of the cast, the powerful message and the execution. These and more could have been the reason why the Ugandan film was nominated in this year’s Festicab film festival that has just concluded in Burundi.

The Nabwisos hooked up at while working on ‘The Hostel

The nomination however is not the only good news because the movie took not only one but two awards during the evening of the awards ceremony.

Being nominated in the feature film categories, ‘Rain’ took home the best picture while Eleanor Nabwiso who is the main character in the movie was voted Best Actress.

“Our Nabwiso film feature won not one but two categories at the Festicab festival. Privileged to have won best actress,” said an excited Eleanor.

The couple first gained fame when they were part of the cast in the first part of ‘The Hostel’ a local drama series which used to air on NTV Uganda. It is in the Hostel that they started their relationship which has so far yielded three children and ‘Rain’ is their first ever movie.

The Rain has become a big hit for the Nabwisos

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