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Actress Julie Underwood Also Jets To The States To Deliver Sempala’s Baby

There were online rumors that actress Julie Underwood quit drama group The Ebonies as well as leaving her marital home in Kirinya Bweyogerere over alleged misunderstandings with her husband Sempala Farouq, we have however landed on exclusive information that reveals a whole different story.

A reliable source has confirmed to us that Julie Underwood left the country for the United States of America to deliver her first baby with her new husband Farouk Sempala.

On Wednesday, allegations went viral on social media indicating Julie and Sempala had developed misunderstandings and henceforth separated. It was also rumored that Julie’s sister who lives in the US had visited the couple back home and found them in a bad state. It was furthermore alleged that, she advised Julie to quit her young marriage and settle in the US and start up a whole new life. However, a source very close to the couple denies all these allegations.

Julie Underwood and Farouk Sempala got married recently.

Julie Underwood and  Sempala’s relationship has been a subject of talk in the local tabloids. During their introduction ceremony that was held in Rubaga a Kampala suburb few months back, it was reported that Julie’s ex-husband Simon Base Kalema was hunting for Sempala’s head for running away  with his wife claiming that  negotiations were still going on for them to reconcile despite Julie standing on her feet that she would never get back to Kalema.

Kalema and Julie got married seven years back in a colorful wedding that took place in the US. The two never lived up to their vows. They separated after siring two children together. Allegations of mistrust and unfaithfulness led to their break-up.

Our source now clarifies that the couple is happy and have never fought. She only traveled to the US to prepare to push her birth and will get back home a few weeks after delivery. We have also learned that the couple is busy putting things together to start on constructing their own house in Kirinya Bweyogerere. We will update as soon as we get new info as we continue digging more into this developing story.

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