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Adam Lavine works on a romantic comedy for free


Adam Lavine has come to say he will work for free as long as its the right job. The Maroon 5 lead singer recently made his movie debut in a musical romantic comedy, ‘Begin Again’ also starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo.


The Voice judge took on a roll of rocker Dave Kohl in a movie without pay but for the experience instead.
‘I did this movie for no money. I’m very lucky that I’m in that position,’ Adam said in a statement on Monday.

‘I want to have good experiences. I don’t want to do a bunch of s*** that I hate. I want to treat [acting] completely differently because I have the very fortunate luxury of not having to think of this in terms of money,’ he added.


Maroon 5 also is set to release its fifth studio album in September.



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