The Affogato To Warm You Up On Those Chilly Nights.

  • The perfect dessert for the cold nights.
  • How to impress your mate.
  • The Affogato the Italian way.

It’s the rainy season and in this really chilly weather you need something hot but definitely tasty to warm up the body. Or after a meal and you would love to try out a different angle to your everyday fruit or dessert to accompany your meal, well I would recommend you switch it up with something classical, balanced and definitely fulfilling.  I personally want to indulge myself when I go back home from a long day’s run about in Kampala and today let’s all celebrate and enjoy the AFFOGATO (Italian, “drowned”).

Italian Affogato.

It is classified as a coffee-based dessert though the debate rages on amongst some in the culinary world calling it a beverage but in my world it will still be a dessert, as I love it that way. So the 2 basic ingredients needed to a perfect Affogato is vanilla ice cream (but you can experiment with different flavors) and a shot of espresso coffee, but if you can’t get espresso you can supplement it with your daily coffee bean.

Barrister pouring hot coffee over the ice cream.

The steps are easy to follow:

In a coffee mug pour your coffee to the half-way point.(for those who want it a little sweeter add a spoonful of honey) Top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream (you can add more ice-cream depending on your taste buds and size of mug) Enjoy. The bitterness of the espresso blended well with the sweetness of the ice-cream, balances out well and makes a great dessert for a cold evening before your favorite TV show .

With a mix of Vanilla nad Chocolate ice cream.

Lately different variations of affogato have come into play in the modern culinary world, different flavors and condiments have been put into play with this classic, starting with your favorite mild coffee bean replacing the stronger and bitter espresso and to other topping the affogato with crushed almonds, Oreos. Others have taken it from the known vanilla ice-cream and experimenting with different flavors like strawberry, coconut, mango flavored ice-creams, and all to a degree of success and good reviews.

Affogato presented in different glasses.

Am personally yet to experiment with different flavors maybe I should do that tonight. In the modern culinary world it’s all about being creative with the way you want to use your flavors to recreate any dish.Hopefully most of you will enjoy this wonderful gift from Italy this evening and on many more cold evenings to come and you’ll all glow in the wonder that’s the “AFFOGATO”

Contributed by: Elisha Nelly Mukiibi.

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