Africa’s Next Top Model Winner Aamito To Grace 3rd Edition of Kampala Fashion Week

The first time Aamito graced Kampala Fashion Week, she had just won Africa’s Next Top Model and we were all excited for her. She has since gone on to grace catwalks in Paris, New York, London, showcased for Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Yeezy and featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, caused quite a stir on Instagram over the famous MAC photo of her lips and been written about in the New York Times! She has hit the big time.

So this time when Aamito is sipping on a UG cocktail at the Kampala Fashion Week, she will be carrying more star power than we can handle. Chances are we shall all be clamoring for autographs and selfies.

Kampala Fashion Week is back! The 3rd Edition of the show is slated for 20th October and will run till 22nd October. Headlined by Gloria Wavamunno, the Spring/Summer collections show will also feature great talents like CATHERINE & SONS, Bobbin & Sheif, Halisi, Lukwanzi, With Love From Africa, KONA, Jose Hendo, Isabella Isabeau, Morine Designers, Maison Mimi, KKOOLO, NFKA CLOTHING and Turah.


Kampala Fashion week is quickly making itself a name on the African continent as one of the most sought after fashion events of the year after such powerhouses like South Africa and Kenya. This year’s venue is the Square (Industrial Area Warehouse) and will run under a mysterious and eccentric theme “the Underground”. We can’t wait. This year, KFW will expand the experience to span three days from the one-day format of the previous shows.

The first day will be an invite only show that will be hosted by the US Mission. Guests include Diplomats, models and fashion apprentices with Aamito as an honorary guest. This event will be a Graduation ceremony for the 10 apprentices that have been in boot camp over the last month and will have the apprentices showcasing their best piece.

The Second day of the show will have showcases by 7 new hottest designers while the third day will have a good blend of new and seasoned hot designers.  The event will culminate into the Uganda Waragi after party featuring 3 DJs, the wildest and wickedest cocktails and a chance to rub elbows with some of the hottest models, fashionstas and socialites in town.  Who knows, maybe you even get a chance to take a selfie with Aamito.

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