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After Irene Ntale, Lydia Jasmine Also Loses Social Media Account After Fallout With Management

Singer Lydia Jazmine Loses her YouTube channel in yet ‘jealous’ management fallout as singer cries out to fans.

It has not been long since rumours circulated on social media that singer Lydia Jazmine fell out with her longtime manager Bushington over issues allegedly related to funds. It was reported that the singer and Bushington are not at same lane because of the way her financial management were being handled.

We also learnt that, two later secretly parted ways and each one went their way. It was later revealed that Jazmine was signed under the Salama-Road based RK records owned by socialite Robert Kampala. Howe ever, when we contacted Robert Kampala to confirm this, his known Mobile number was off by press time.

Lydia Jasmine is sad after losing control of her Youtube account.

A well placed source now tells us that her Yotube Channel was deleted by her past management. It has been understood that the management refused to give her rights to the channel.

It looks like Jazmine is done and dusted with former management after it refused to give her access to her YouTube channel which has over 12 music videos, including her smash songs like‘You and Me’, ‘Masuuka’, ‘Same Way’ among others.

The singer used her social media page on twitter to announce the rant. She told her fans that she has lost her yotube channel and has since decided to create a new one. She urged her fans that it is so frustrating but added that life has to move on.

She also asked her fans to share and make the channel bigger and bigger. Some of her fans promised her to bring back the channel to greater heights and make her more popular again.

This is the second female musician who has fallen into the tough hands of management after fallout.

Singer Irene Ntale doesn’t have all access to her over 300k strong Facebook page after leaving Swangz Avenue which forced her to recently create a new one. We are on the ground to get more details and will keep you posted.

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