Aganaga Interrupts Sheebah’s Performance

All photos By Habre Muriisa

Artistes or socialites can do anything to stay relevant on the scene or get recognition at events they grace so that they can keep their ego on a top notch. Dancehall and Ragga artiste Khalifah Aganaga surprised the revellers who were in attendance at the recently concluded 4th and 2017’s edition of Zzina Awards that took place at Theatre Labonita last Friday.

Apart from winning the biggest award of the night (artiste of the year), Best Female Artiste of the year and best collabo (Farmer alongside Ykee Benda), Team No Sleeps Sheebah Karungi was also one of the artistes who performed at the awards and as she did, Aganaga out of the blue appeared on stage holding a bag which forced Sheebah to pause her performance for some minutes.

“Am happy to see you guys but what has brought me here is just to inform this girl that she really works hard I am thankful and I support you.” Aganaga told Sheebah as fans screamed loud and pulled out Ug Shs 50,000 note and gave it to Sheebah and added. “This is just for you, please give a phone call.”

“No Khalifah I will not call you, do you know why? You just gave me this money it is not for airtime man, you are talking to the queen of the area.” Sheebah jokingly told Aganaga and later resumed her performance.

Sheebah jokingly telling Aganaga how she will not use the money for airtime





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