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Age Limit Debate Gets Ugandans Crazy On Social Media

The word ‘Togikwatako’ Luganda for ‘Don’t touch it’ is now the most spoken word in Uganda following the debate that was supposed be discussed in the Ugandan 10th parliament over the amendment of Article 102 (b) of the Ugandan constitution which states that ‘a person to qualify for election as president must be not less than thirty-five and not more than seventy-five years of age’

However, some of the ruling NRM party members brought the  suggestion of amending it a thing the opposition side did not buy thus starting up a campaign to stop it. Yesterday Thursday the 21st of September was the day the bill was supposed tabled in parliament but strangely, it was not appearing on the order paper for the day.

Despite that, Honourable members met although there was chaos inside parliament forcing the deputy speaker of parliament Jacob Oulannyah to adjourn the house until next week Tuesday the 3rd of October when the Age Limit motion will be debated.

With all that is going on and as we wait for Tuesday, Ugandans have also taken to social media to post sorts of funny things in the hash tag #Togikwatako and here are some of the posts below.









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