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Aisha Nabukeera To Participate In Miss Uganda Beauty Pageant

At 13 years, Aisha Nabukeera’s life would have ended but today, she’s among the candidates for the prestigious Miss Uganda beauty pageant preliminary round contestants.

Aisha Nabukeera was among the beauties to contest during the preliminaries that took place at club Guvnor on Tuesday evening and her exhibitions wowed the judges.

Already, she stands chances of qualifying after one of the judges praised her effort and determination to participate.

“The scars will not deter Aisha’s chances of winning and if she does, let no one be surprised because we look at the brains and boldness which she already has.”

If all goes well, Aisha will be among the top 21 candidates to contend for the beauty crown come the 10th of July in Kampala.

Aisha Nabukeera

Aisha Nabukeera

The outgoing Miss Uganda is Leah Kalanguka who has managed to keep her head raised despite of all the criticism she received during her reign.

Her participation has also impressed her foster father Frank Gashumba who has also encouraged everyone to stand by her so that her dreams come true.

“I personally believe everyone is gifted but most Ugandans never open their package and the tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live. Aisha will have all my support during the contest. I hope you guys support her and also pray for her,” said Frank Gashumba

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