Aisha Nabukera Who Was Burnt By Step Mum Narrates How She Landed A Deal With Bill Gates Foundation

Aisha Nabukera’s step mother thought that the horrific act of pouring boiling water on her body some years back was going to stop her but it instead came as a blessing in disguise because she got good Samaritans like motor mouthed Frank Gashumba who helped her.

Due to her touching story, Aisha was a few days ago selected among the 12 youth by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation owned by the richest man on Earth, Bill Gates

Aisha and 11 other youth from other African countries will be the ambassadors of this Foundation and their work will be to move around African countries to reach out to and inspire people who have been affected by domestic violence.

Aisha who got to know that the foundation was on the search for 12 youth whose touching life stories can inspire and change lives through his guardian Gashumba said that she is more than happy to have gone through.

“I am among the 12 people who were chosen to participate. They were looking for 12 people in the entire Africa who have touching stories that can change people’s lives and I got to know through my guardian Mr Gashumba Frank” Said Aisha

It wasn’t however easy for her to go through as she had to through many interviews. “They contacted me after some weeks, I went through lots of interviews but I still went through and I am so happy because I love using my story to change people’s lives not to give up no matter the situation they are going through”

Aisha was recently in South Africa for training on the different things they will be doing “We were recently in South Africa for training where they trained us on how to use our life stories and we shall be going different things like going for some conferences”

Aisha advised the children who are going through domestic violence not to give up and always run for their rescue



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