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Ak47 Speaks On Artist Beef With Djs



The beef between artists had been dormant for awhile now for a few months. It was believed artists had to pay Djs’ to play their songs in clubs and at events. Now it is on again, ever since Wale Wale singer, Chameleon was involved in a brawl with Dj Roger over not playing his song ‘Wale Wale’ at club Venom. The fight is said to have been broken up by former manager Gareth Onyango.

Ak 47 who is Chameleon’s younger brother came out to give advice to his brother on Facebook saying I am just saying Djs should not be disrespected and that goes out to all my fellow artists.Djs are employed to play music for fans satisfaction and not artist satisfaction.Artist Violence towards Djs is not the way forward but creation of good music is the proper way to inspire Djs to play your music as an artist.I have not seen one Dj in my life that wont play good music but atleast I know every Dj hates bad music.So dont get offended when a Dj says no to your song just go back to studio and record a better song and he will play it.Banange learn to respect every one if you wanna be respected respect is not a one way street but it’s taken as its given….Kibi nyo ekyatuuse ku Dee Jay Roger!!”

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