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Akon Calls Africans Abroad To Come Back Home

There is a passion Akon has towards Africa these past years that he wants to inflict on other Africans living abroad.

According to Akon, most of Africans living in America complain of being mistreated yet they have an option on coming back to Africa and settle back here.

“I always thought Africa is for Africans. So when I see African Americans dealing with all these issues, my first question is why don’t they just go back home.” he said during an interview with Aljazeera a few days ago.

He added that in Africa, they will be treated fairly because they will be home.

Akon calls upon African abroad to come back home

When asked how it can be possible for a person born in the US and lived over there his entire life can find refuge in a foreign country on a foreign continent, the ‘Ghetto’ musician said that it starts with just a visit.

“How many African Americans do you see out there who even don’t consider Africa a vacation place. They even don’t go there for knowledge. This mentality should stop,” he said. “The system in America was never built for black people. The documents have never been altered. It has always been white first.”

Akon, who is a Senegalese music singer has sold over 30million records worldwide and besides being a musician, he’s an activist and philanthropist.


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