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Alex Muhangi Chosen To Be Part Of Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn Campaign

Ugandan comedian Alex Muhangi has been chosen to be part of Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn campaign.

The campaign goal is to make sure young women around the world have the chance to go to school and also aims at promoting equal rights, education, health living among others to the girl child.

Alex Muhangi shared the exciting news with Chano8 and he couldn’t help but be happy about the new opportunities this campaign will bring to his blossoming career.

Alex Muhangi excited about the new opportunity

Alex Muhangi excited about the new opportunity

A few weeks ago, the comedian opened up about what motivates him to do comedy,

‘There is nothing that really motivates me. This whole journey started with Standup Uganda in 2009. I like to take on challenges and this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on, because growing up, my friends used to always refer to me as a funny guy. When the parties came around, people would call me up to just go and hang with them because they knew I would crack them up.’

‘I think the main thing that pushes me is that, every time I jump on stage I have to do new material, it’s sort of a challenge and motivation as well.’

Muhangi also doubles a music producer and he works with the highly talented Micheal Fingers who was the brains behind Bebe Cool’s Love You Everyday.

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