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Alex Muhangi On What The Comedy Industry Needs To Do To Get Better

Ugandan comedian Alex Muhangi has seen his career reach unprecedented heights and with the ever growing internet penetration it has been easy for the star to share some of his skits. In an exclusive interview with Chano8 Muhangi talked about what the Ugandan comedy industry needs to do to get better,

I think we should do more shows because Ugandans are ready to pay for them, but it’s us letting them down, because we are lazy and we don’t want to write down new material.

The comedian further went on to talk about his journey saying it has been an awesome ride.

It’s been too amazing. I had never been to all those Scandinavian and African countries but because of comedy, I got the chance to. It has really taken me places, even when it comes to shopping, I have better bargaining power because people are friendlier. So it’s a good thing to be a comedian because it makes you easier around people anywhere, be it church, burial or a wedding.

Alex muhangi talks about his career journey

Alex muhangi talks about his career journey

It’s really been an awesome ride and these days I can just make a phone call to any comedian and I get a gig.

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