Alikiba Closes Blankets And Wine 2016 With A Thrilling Performance

Photos by Habre Muriisa

The heavy rain that fell yesterday afternoon after 3PM did not stop revellers from storming Lugogo Cricket Oval grounds for the 15th and last edition of Blankets and Wine 2016. It was not a bad Idea to fly in Tanzania’s RnB sensation Alikiba who did not only have a lively performance but also threw the crowd especially the ladies into frenzy.


Alikiba thrilled Revellers at the 15th edition edition of Blankets and Wine


Singer Lydia Jazmine dancing to Alikiba’s tunes


Some of the revellers

Taking to the stage at exactly 8:54 PM dressed in a red baseball cap, a sky blue demin shirt, ripped pants and a pair of brown shoes, the ‘Chekecha’ hit maker began his performance with ‘Cinderella’ amid a lot of ululations from the crowd. Backed by a pair of male dancers, he performed many of his songs as the crowd energetically cheered him on but while he was performing ‘My Everything’, ‘Aje’ and ‘Chekecha’ songs, the crowd just went crazy.



Alikiba dancing to Chekecha with his dancers


Some of the ladies dancing to Alikiba’s Chekecha

On the other hand, as usual, revellers from different destinations clad in different fashionable attire thronged the venue to have a blast once again and live Dj mixes by Fem Dj kept them entertained until the first performer Jemimah Sanyu aka The Stage Gladiator took to the stage. She engaged the crowd until the next performer – multi instrumentalist Giovani Kiyingi took over when the stage was already warmed up.


Jemimah Sanyu was the first performer


The hosts MC Deedan and Shaqib


Revellers marching in Lugogo Cricket oval for the event



Giovani Kiyingi’s performance at the last Blankets and Wine was disrupted by the rain but this time the rain did not

Following each performance, the hosts MC Deedan and Shaqib had a time to engage the crowd pulling some rare dance strokes which caught the crowd’s eyes. Later the mood was changed to Hip Hop when the third performer The Mith appeared on stage performing ‘So Ug’, ‘Boss Vaawo’, ‘Eh Mama’ alongside Maro and ‘Lighter’ tunes.


The Mith excited the crowd with his Hip Hop vibes


The Mith and Maro performing Eh Mama


Before the MC could introduce the final performer, the attendees were already shouting ‘Alikiba’, ‘Alikiba’ who also didn’t disappoint but graced the stage and thrilled them. However, as performances were on going , a section of revellers were lost in other entertainment available like the Arsenal Vs Man City Match which was being telecast live and the others were just having fun although they were not paying much attention on the stage as they enjoyed themselves.


Holding hands. Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma arriving for for the event

Comedian Cathy Bagaya was there too


Former WBS TV presenter J Kazoora (JK) posing with the Chano8 Magazine


One of the early birds enjoying her self

  dsc_6446-large dsc_6401-large


Some of the attendees posing for a selfie


Some of the beauties posing for our camera


Aly Allibhai and his wife Sylvia Namutebi


These police guys showed love for our Chano8 magazine


Fashion designers Kim Swagga, Abryanz and a friend




Some of the ladies arriving for the event

dsc_6411-large dsc_6393-large

One of the fans got an opportunity to touch Alikiba

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