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All Set For First Ever MixaKids Digital Publishing Expo

A few weeks back, a new and exciting digital media publishing platform was officially unveiled to the public at stake holder’s workshop in Hotel Africana Kampala. The Unique digital publishing platform which is a first of its kind was unveiled to children and parents in the East African Region. The exciting platform called Mixakids, is a platform mainly for creative writing and publishing where children write books for other children to read and share knowledge and different life experiences.

The project which is an innovation and brain child of Speeda Mobile Ltd (East Africa) the parent company to SMS ONE and www.chano8.com, seeks to enhance children’s: Literacy (reading & writing) skills, Usage of ICT and other digital resources, Entrepreneurship skills through creative writing, financial inclusion & literacy.

Mr. David Mushabe the Regional Director of Mixakids while unveiling the project said  “MixaKids project is innovatively crafted to address some of challenges related to children’s access and usage of digital content and other ICT resources which allows children to participate in developing their own content for the platform in a participative approach that ensures sustainable interest among children in the platform”

“Mixakids also plays a big role in enhancing creativity and innovation through writing, linking children through learning, creativity, entrepreneurship and promoting financial literacy amongst children”. He added in his presentation to members of the press, head teachers and stake holders.

Mixa 1 cut

Mr David Mushabe talks to the press about the platform

And now the much anticipated Mixakids Expo 2015 is around the corner. Scheduled for Saturday 20th June 2015 at Ugandan National Museum, the Expo will also act as the official launch of Mixakids which is expected to run across all East African region in the near future.

A selected team of children from various schools will be involved in demonstrating the work done so far on the Mixakids platform especially e-books on the website www.mixakids.com and explain how the whole project works out.

At the expo, the stake holders will also showcase creative writing skills, illustration skills, storytelling, music dance and drama as well as competitions and exhibition of work under the project. There will be work showcased by Cross Roads who will exhibit animations as well as robotics by a team of researchers and Book Publishers.

Mixa 5

Some of the stakeholders pose for a group photo

After lengthy preparations involving Kampala Capital City Authority, head teachers from participating schools, Mixakids team and other stake holders, all is now set for Saturday where a big number of pupils and parents are expected to congregate to share ideas and embrace the new development.


Some of the teachers inspecting the venue at Uganda museum


Teachers at a planning meeting



Kullein Ankunda the Mixakids Public Relations speaks to some teachers


The MixaKids platform allows children to submit their stories which are published as e-Books for other children to purchase and read. Below is a brief of how this works:

  • The child submits a story through the website www.mixakids.com (you need to create a user account and be logged in). Your child can also submit his/her story to their class teacher at school.
  • MixaKids edits and approves the story. The story MUST be original and not copied from the Internet or other books.
  • MixaKids requests the child’s guardian/parent’s approval to publish the story. This is done by signing a publishing contract between the guardian/parent (on behalf of their child) with MixaKids Ltd.
  • MixaKids creates illustrations for the approved story (children can create their own illustrations if they can).
  • MixaKids creates the e-book and publishes it to www.mixakids.com platform.
  • The e-book is available for purchase or rent by other readers across the world.
  • The author is able to view (in real time) the e-book sales statistics under their user account on www.mixakids.com
  • Every quarter (3 months), the guardian/parent can request to withdraw the accrued sales income. For all approved withdraw requests, the funds are only remitted to the child’s pre-registered Bank Account.

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