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All You Missed At Kapalaga Baibe’s Sold Out Translator Concerts

He is a common personality who airs on the air waves of radio Simba 97.3 FM and he is also an artiste who has a wide fun base from ordinary Ugandans. Hit songs like ‘Translator’, ‘Ekyuma’ and ‘Ndabirawa’ which he sang with Joan Dush can tell exactly who Kapalaga is.

On Friday the 11th of September, Kapalaga put up his long awaited ‘Translator Concert’ at Holly Fam Nansana which sold out like hot cakes. The concert that attracted massive crowds surprised so many observers and music critics who commended the diminutive singer for the turn up with some taunting already established stars for pulling lesser crowds.

He later followed that up with other massive shows at Satelite Beach Mukono on Saturday 12th and Los Angeles Kanyanya on Sunday the 13th. All the concerts in the respective venues sold out as lots of his fans men and women from all corners came in large numbers to watch their star.


A fan wipes off sweet from Kapalaga’s face in Kawempe


Kapalaga was joined by Prof. Big Eye

“Naye mukama, Nze ani gwoyagadde bwoti?????, Thank you MUKONO, Los Angeles muliwa”???? He said in a social media message after the main concert. Literally meaning, “But God, who am I that you have loved in this kind of way?”,There was lots of entertainment an performances from local artistes who came to support Kapalaga like Lord Fred Ssebatta, Lion K Stars in which Kapalaga’s biological father is part, Chris Evans, Gravity Omutujju among others.


Lord Fred Ssebatta was giving his support


While Kapalaga’s Father also Kasule Sereste  also performed

However, The translator extra concerts are still ongoing as he will resume on Friday the 18th of September at Whispers Kanyanya for 6,000/=, Saturday the 19th at Ganda Meeting-Point also for 6,000/= and lastly,  the massive Translator Concert will be concluded at Ziloobwe in Kanyanya on Sunday the 20th for only 5,000/= Which are all expected to pull massive crowds.

Chano8 will also inform you on the next phase of activities starting this Friday.

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