All You Need To Know About The Zari – Diamond Project

Watching keenly on the affair between Zari and Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz has really caught our attention and this has led me to a conclusion that it’s not definite prior to what people have been thinking.

Zari has done everything to stay in the public eye. She’s widely considered as a socialite because of the way she throws money around and holds her annual “Zari white party” that has been a success ever since its origin.

Diamond and Zari in their Friday best.

Diamond and Zari in their Friday best.

She first tried out music but it failed, she has dated people in the public eye like Isaac Luggude, a reknown basket baller and former Big Brother housemate, Farouk Ssempala and her husband Ivan Ssemwanga with whom they have three children. Lately, she’s seeing Diamond Platinum, a famous Tanzanian artiste. If you notice, all the above have one thing in common. They are celebrities.

Zari and Diamond have been seeing each other for over six months now with rumors in the grapevine that she might be for his child but what led to my doubt about this relationship is that Diamond’s manager asked one of the employees of a certain TV station they visited when they came to Uganda for the “White party” if Zari has money like reports suggest. Why would they want to know if there is no motive here?

My other doubt comes from the pictures the two are always taking. If u look enthusiastically, the pics are not random but rather professional. The camera angles, lighting, poses and distance are all taken by someone who has an experience in photography. Not one shot has something to doubt and inquiring from a photojournalist with 10years experience, he said the photos are professional.

Diamond an award winning Tanzanian artiste and East Africa’s biggest export who’s “Number one” single and remix made him a force to reckon with in the music industry while on the other hand Zari is a former Ugandan artiste turned business woman, married to Ivan Ssemwanga, a wealthy businessman who owns a good number of schools in South Africa and chairman Rich gang.

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