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Allan Toniks Explains How He Survived A Fatal Accident

Photo by Habre Muriisa

It would now be a bad Christmas to the family, friends and fans of RnB artiste Allan Toniks who yesterday morning survived a fatal road accident that almost left him lifeless, but like they say, God is great. The ‘Beera Nange’ singer escaped the devil’s trap with minor bruises.

All this happened as he drove to Ntinda on the slope after Buddies Studio when a trailer registration number UAB 312R  rammed into his BMW car and badly damaged it’s right side of the bonnet.


Toniks’ damaged BMW after the accident

Chano8 contacted Toniks who is known for songs like his breakthrough ‘Beera Nange’, ‘Mulamwa’ among many others and speaking with a very calm voice, he had this say.

“There are no serious injuries like broken bones or anything like that. The trailer actually came into my lane and one side of the road there was a trench and the other side was the trailer so I tried as much as possible to squeeze myself but the thing still hit my car.”

We went ahead to ask the artiste about the after math and he added saying

“After hitting me off course the air bags got out, smoke was everywhere but the trailer’s driver run away. I think he thought he had killed me before I got out of the car. By the time Police arrived, he was nowhere to be seen so I just opened up a case at Kiira road police station until the owner is found, but nothing all happed to the trailer.”


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