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Allan Toniks Furious After Defamation

Lately, artistes are somewhat at loggerheads with the media for what they say are defamation stories and the latest artiste to come out claiming that a certain website defamed him is Allan Toniks who claims they wrote a story about how he impregnated a Makerere University student.

“As a Makerere university alumni, I must say it’s embarrassing to see that the highest institution of learning in the country, which ought to be setting the example of what dignity, integrity respect & professionalism should be; is instead associated with this website, currently the best example of what unethical & fraudulent misbehaviour in journalism truly is! Whatever happened to reporting truth, accurate and constructive information to society?” he said.


He added that the website has been promoting fictional lies and immoral concepts to mislead the young generation which is unfortunate and sad.

“So, I assume staff the website are proud of their “achievement”. I don’t know if its obsession with Toniks or if it’s just boredom, ignorance, poor judgment, myopic thinking, pure evil, lack of creative ideas or simply stupidity that drives someone like an obscure someone by names of ” Leah kamalinda” to come up with such defamatory concoctions,”  added the ‘Kumulamwa artiste.

Adding that he has taken his fair share of such foolery from people he always assumes do what they do because of their small Mindedness & inferior intellect, however when one decides to set a wrong example to corrupt Uganda’s young bright minds which are the future of our troubled nation for the sake of likes and clicks.


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