Allan Toniks Returns With A New RnB/Dancehall Tune

Allan Toniks almost ended the year 2016 badly but by the grace of the almighty God, the artiste survived a fatal car accident that almost left him lifeless on Saturday the 24th of December last year. All that is now history with the latest news being that he released a fresh tune dubbed ‘Sibalaba’ a Luganda word meaning ‘I don’t see them’.

It’s an RnB/Dancehall love song in which Toniks expresses his undying love for his girlfriend that has blindfolded him in a way that, he can’t even think of any other girls because of the overwhelming love he has for her.


Have you listened to Allan Tonik’s new song ‘Sibalaba’?

‘Sibalaba’ the song produced by D’ King

In a typical slow RnB tempo, he begins the song telling the girl that, he is not really into any other girls although they act to seduce him, he is determined to love and never to leave his sexy girl Jojo who makes him have sleepless nights. He tells her to stick around every time she comes to his house for a visit because she takes his and other men’s attention.

In the second verse his attitude and tone changes completely as he complains about the things the girl does in his presence when she knows he can’t resist, a thing that forces him to go gaga about her, melting him to the point of providing her with anything she needs. He then goes ahead and declares that, nobody loves her more than he does and concludes the verse singing in his mother tongue Runyankore where he says that he wants to marry her.

He then repeats the­ chorus before concluding the song with the last verse where he promises eternal love and ends by sending regards to all the beautiful ladies in Kampala, Uganda, Africa and the world at large.



If Toniks was to celebrate surviving the nasty accident that almost took his life on Christmas Eve, there is no better way than releasing this kind of smooth RnB that brings joy to the heart with its easy flow and Dancehall beats fused into it to bring in life and energy. D’King decides like in most of his productions keeps it simple but memorable.

Listen to or download ‘Sibalaba’ by Allan Toniks below



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