Aly Allibhai Becomes The East African Brand Ambassador And Distributor Of Luc Belaire

You have probably seen Rick Ross, Dj Khaled and many more US celebrities showing off black bottles, call them wine with the name Luc Belaire. Well East African celebrities can also toast to that because the new wine is soon coming to Uganda courtesy of events promoter Aly Allibhai.

Reports reaching our desk indicate that, the Talent Africa CEO in conjunction with alcohol distributor Qway are involved in a mega deal to bring Luc Belaire Wines and Champagne to the East African region.


Rick Ross holds a bottle of Luc Belaire Champagne

We heard that Allibhai is handling brand marketing all over East Africa and is planning to hold three mega launches to take place consecutively on New Year’s Eve, in Kampala, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. luc-belaire-bottle

We highly think Aly’s contacts abroad and straight line of work made him the perfect person to promote the drink in Africa and before you know it, we might see one of the artistes coming to Uganda to perform and promote the brand. The bottle has been driven by celebrity influencer who identify themselves as the BlackBottleBoys and the BlackBottleGirls. Rick Ross, and his rapper-based fan group and friends created the famous Black Bottle Boys phenomenon. When Belaire Rosé launched, Rick Ross fell in love with the taste, and the rest is history and maybe we will also have a Ugandan ambassador of the drink to be in the same league as Ross and Dj Khaled.

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