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“Am Deeply Sorry For Offending You” – Mc Ibrah Apologizes To Singer Lydia Jazmine

Star TV gossip presenter Mc Ibrah whose full name is full name is Ibrah K. Mukasa, has been in the news for the wrong reasons after he was accused of cyber-bullying and constantly abusing singer Lydia Jazmine. Well, he realized his fault and quickly came out to apologize publically after the singer complained and demanded for an Apology..

The Tv presenter while appearing on his gossip program ‘Wolokoso Extra’ on Star TV, according to the singer, said derogatory things about her as well as colleague Fik Fameica  and was not happy with the alleged constant attacks which “deeply affected her mother, family and friends”.

Jazmine said Ibrah constantly attacked and dragged her name in dirt which has affected her sick mother, family and friends, something that has caused her tension with her people and is depressing her.

The said attacks by the presenter who commands a fair following of gossip fans and rumour mongers caused the “Masuuka” singer lots of pain although she had decided to play it cool but now demands full apology as it is getting out of hand.

“I am hurt and pained by the way this man has constantly attacked me and dragged my name in the dirt. My sick mother, family and friends have been affected deeply by this. She wrote


It is reported that Ibrah’s program on Star TV part of the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) has been suspended. He has since written a long apology on his social media pages and the Apology was accepted with a stun warning ‘never repeat it’. See full statement by Mc Ibrah below;


On Monday June 29, 2020 during the Bwakedde – Morning show hosted on Star TV, I made utterances against Artiste Lydia Jazmine that seem degrading, appalling and regrettable.

Am deeply sorry for offending you (Lydia Jazmine).

As my followers know, I never intend to attack any person(s) in any fraternity but sometimes we get things hastily and spectacularly wrong as it befell with Lydia Jazmine.

There is nothing more important to me than a thriving music industry and is why I tiressly contribute to the fraternity though this time round it’s regrettable that I attacked and offended the Person of Lydia Jazmine.

Jazmine is incredibly talented, humble and likeable and honestly, deep down I would never wish bad things to her or any one for that matter and is why I wish to extend a genuine and public apology to Ms. Lydia Jazmine, her family, management, the music fraternity and all Ugandans for the harm caused.

In this business, all we can do is own up to our mistakes when they happen.

God bless you.


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