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Am Grateful For What We Have As Ugandans – Anne Kansiime

With Ugandans across the world joining the nation to celebrate its independence, Anne Kansiime who is currently in the US couldn’t help but also pass on an awesome independence message to all Ugandans. The Ugandan queen of comedy asked people before you complain about the shortfalls of a nation ask yourself what role have you played as a Ugandan.

We might not have everything we hoped to have by now as a country, but am greatful for what we have and what we are as Ugandans Today. Before we complain about how little we have accomplished as a country so far, let’s ask ourselves the most important qn; What role have you played as a Ugandan?

As we continue to better ourselves relentlessly every day, I wish you all my fellow Ugandans a happy independence day, she said.

Anne Kansiime grateful for what we have as Ugandans

Anne Kansiime grateful for what we have as Ugandans

If there is one comedian who has really lifted the Ugandan flag in recent times, then Kansiime is the name that comes to minds of many. The comedienne has had several shows sold out in several countries like Australia, Canada, Bostwana and Kenya among others. She had indeed given hope to those who felt that they couldn’t make it in comedy. She’s a living testimony that once you put your mind on something and work hard towards it then the possibilities are endless.

Anne Kansiime is currently in USA where she will co host the Afriima awards with Basket Mouth tomorrow.

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