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Amakula Film Festival Opens With Unique Drive-In-Cinema Experience

The Amakula International Film festival opened officially yesterday at the Uganda Museum in Kitante with some exciting new elements added to the setting to bring in some much-needed oomph different from the previous editions.

The most eye-catching being the drive-in cinema experience where revellers enjoy the action from a wide projector screen in the comfort of their cars with the sound avenues being FM channelled headsets for a silent ambience.


Revellers watching a film atop a car at the festival

The Amakula which is Uganda’s oldest independent film festival, returned on scene and screen with the 10th edition after a 3-year break that organisers say was necessary for them in order to re-energise the concept and whole flow of the festival.

With Bayimba joining the curatorial and organising team alongside Kampala Film School, the main focus of this particular edition was centred on quality production and presentation of films, distribution of local talent to the international market, building young audiences and develop networks and connections.

At a media briefing before the official opening of the festival, Bayimba foundation’s Faisal Kiwewa told journalists that, the festival aims to contribute to a vibrant local film industry, by broadening access to and developing audiences for quality African film production; inspiring local film-makers to produce quality local films based on own stories; facilitating, presenting and promoting local film productions and distribution; and offering a professional networking platform for the film making community in East Africa and beyond.


Amakula foundation founder Alice Smits opening the festival

Carolin Christgau from Goeth Zentrum and Arlen Dilsizian the dean of Kampala film school who are in the curatorial team also echoed the same points and highlighted that this edition will focus on young film-makers and helping to promote their productions and  help open new distribution channels for them.


Carolin Christgau and Faisal Kiwewa speaking to journalists

The 5-day festival runs till 20th March and will involve screening of both in-competition and out of competition students and independent films, documentaries, short stories, animations, workshops for children and discussions with filmmakers and actors from Uganda, Africa and the rest of the World.

The screening will include a selection of 10 feature films,12 short films, 3 documentaries and animation films for children from Uganda, East Africa and the rest of the world.


Guests at the opening of the 10th edition of Amakula film festival


L-R Carolin Christgau, Arlen Dilsizian,Faisal Kiwewa and AMAKULA foundation founder Alice Smits

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