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American Rapper Akua Naru Closes Bayimba Festival In Style

Photos by Habre Muriisa

Last night marked the end of the three-day feast of music, dance, theatre, film, and visual arts at the Kampala-based National Theatre. From Friday (day 1), revellers were part of this amazing gig the Bayimba International Festival of the arts sponsored by Bell Lager


Revellers were dancing their excitement off

The first 2 days had amazing acts from the home stars that took centre stage but last night was more thrilling with the Guest performer Akua Naru a rapper from the United States of America exciting the crowd with Hip Hop vibe.


The attendees enjoyed the performances


Starting off the night’s performances on the main stage was gospel singer Exodus who had a jaw-dropping performance as he took the crowd on  a gospel music trip doing most of his songs and among them was ‘Omwaka Guno’ which ignited the dancing spirit in the crowd.


Gospel singer Exodus


He later invited a friend and fellow gospel singer Levixone with whom they did a brief freestyle session that added onto the fans excitement as Exodus concluded his performance. During their performance,  Mighty Son and Mr Mosh were showcasing serious live free style Dance-hall rhymes on stage two, that got the crowd cheering them on.


That time when Exodus was joined by Levixone on stage

Mighty Son (left) and Mr Mosh doing the Dance-hall Clash on stage 2


Mighty Son performing

Back to the main stage, all the way from South Africa, Tribute Birdie Mboweni was the next performer and the revellers enjoyed her performance as she performed her soul songs like ‘Mpfula Ya Na’, ‘Khomanani’ and ‘Soul n Heart’.


Tribute Birdie Mboweni from South Africa was just flawless


Without a waste of time, the guest headliner Akua Naru a rapper from USA, took to the stage at 10 minutes past 10 PM amid a lot of ululations from the crowd which kept on making her blush even as she put up a big performance.


The guest performer rapper Akua Naru from USA doing her thing


She was truly energetic doing her thing live and so was the crowd as some were seen dancing their excitement off. Golden Band’s Ronald Mayinga was the last performer of the night and he did his songs like ‘Tuwalana Nguzi’, ‘Necklace’, ‘Doreen’ among many other and the event went on till late in the night.


Ronald Mayinja was the last headliner

Ronald Mayinja dancing with his dancer and band member

Gospel singers Solome Basuuta (left) and Sandra Suubi were in attendance too

Check out more pictures of how the Final Day of Bayimba Festival went down last night   dsc_7901-large dsc_7899-large dsc_7893-large     dsc_7846-large     dsc_7803-large  dsc_7793-large  dsc_7774-large

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