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Amos Wekesa Threatens To Undress If Government Continues With Plan To Build A Dam At Murchison Falls

So much has been said on social media against the construction of a power dam on Murchison Falls. In fact, a petition is being signed to see that the falls are not tampered with and already 1,231 have been compiled to see that this is made possible.

This has also caused outrage and attracted sharp criticism from politicians, activists and the general public and Amos Wekesa, the CEO of Great Lakes Safaris and a staunch tourism activist has taken it a notch higher by promising to undress if the government goes ahead with its plans of building the dam.

While appearing on ‘Morning At NTV’ on Wednesday morning, Wekesa said that the plan shouldn’t be treated as an emergency since Uganda has always boasted of producing excess power that is even exported to neighboring countries.

“With this one, I am not threatening, I will undress” Wekesa threatened

“You have killed Isimba, Bujagali and you want to also go for Murchison and I can assure you, these dams will not last forever,” concerned Wekesa added.

Amoss Wekesa threatens to undress should the government continue with the plan of building a dam on Murchison Falls

In a June 7th notice issued by Electricity Regulatory Authority, the power regulator acknowledges receipt of an application from Bonang Power Energy Limited, a South African energy firm for the generation and sale of power from a plant to be set up near Murchison Falls.

Should government continue with the plan to build the dam despite the fact that patriotic Ugandans are not buying the idea, prepare to see Amos Wekesa in Adam’s suit.

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